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Leo Twiggs On Is Batik Art Or Craft? | Black Art News™ | via The Columbia Museum of Art

Black Art News™ | via The Columbia Museum of Art

Segment from interview with REMIX artist, Leo Twiggs.
REMIX now running at The Columbia Museum of Art February 5th - May 3rd, highlights the practice among many African-American artists of retelling or refashioning themes, ideas, and objects in new ways and from their own unique perspective. Indeed, the title REMIX is a reference to how African-American musicians sample other music by quoting it in new musical works, and this same process goes on in the visual arts. REMIX not only impresses viewers with highly creative objects, it invites discussion about history and how artists create entirely new works.

About Leo Twiggs:
Leo Franklin Twiggs (born 1934 in St. Stephen, South Carolina) is an American painter.

He developed the Fine Art Department at South Carolina State University, where he taught from 1973 until 1998. Twiggs received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Claflin University in 1956 and his Master of Arts Degree from New York University in 1964. In 1970, Twiggs became the first African American student to receive a Doctorate of Arts (Ed.D) from the University of Georgia. He has presented over fifty one man shows during his career.

Twiggs received his BA Summa Cum Laude from Claflin University, later studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and received his MA from New York University, where he studied with Hale Woodruff, the acclaimed African American painter and muralist. He received his doctorate in Art Education from the University of Georgia. As Professor of Art at South Carolina State University, he developed the Art Department and I.P. Stanback Museum. Twiggs was named Professor Emeritus in 2000. He was the first visual artist to receive the Verner Award (Governor’s Trophy) for outstanding contributions to the arts in South Carolina.

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